everygreatsongever asked:

Do you have a Last fm account? If so, do you ever find yourself using it to analyze your listening habits. Alternatively, do you ever find yourself just staring at it?


I have one (under the usual name, if anyone wants to look at it), but I don’t pay much attention to it. The stats are heavily skewed in favor of the dozen or so albums I’ve been playing to go to sleep to over the past half-dozen years; in fact, because my active listening tends to be far more song-oriented than album-oriented, and even when I love a song I rarely listen to it more than ten times in a month, the stats tend to be heavy on albums I listened to once and forgot about and basically ignore the song or group of songs that’s been taking up all my headspace. I visit it once every couple of months, kind of shake my head at how poorly it reflects my self-perception, and go back to listening to what I want.